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© Rizairis Núñez

Paco Núñez is a content creator and filmmaker. Over the pass 8 years he covered stories for the Cabinet of Curaçao as their photographer. He also works as freelance for the municipality of Amsterdam covering stories that has to do with residents in Amsterdam Southeast.

In 2015 Paco Núñez worked on a project, “Born to Travel”, telling a story about undocumented group of African men in Amsterdam seeking for a shelter. In 2016 he was the campaign photographer and Social Media Strategist for minister Suzy Römer. Now Paco Núñez works as freelance photojournalist for a worldwide press agency covering stories about politics, lifestyle, fashion, conflict and human interest in the Netherlands.

Photo exhibition
2012: De Verandering - Amsterdam
2018: TODO Y NADA - Arnhem
2019: All Kind Of Beauty - Paris
2019: All Kind Of Beauty - Arnhem
2021: Ondernemend Holendrecht - Amsterdam